Is this Minolta lens fake?

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Re: Is this Minolta lens fake?

The clue to the whole sagea is in this sentence :

So the lens in question was sold on eBay, few weeks ago and he (professional photographer) happy with it for 2 weeks, however, now he is saying it's a cheap copy.

Does that not suggest that he thought he had a good one till he discovered there was something wrong ?

Would it take two weeks to see you have a fake lens   ?

Why would he attempt to clean the lens if indeed he thought it was not the real thing ?

What is the point of cleaning a fake?

The fact that the lens was ruined in the cleaning attempt proves two things

1) the guy wanted to use the lens

2) the lens was indeed faulty

3) because of the above , he wasn't just pretending it was faulty to get a better price.

Am I still overthinking or just noticing details that some have missed ?

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