Why is Window Glass So Bad to Shoot Through?

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Re: Why is Window Glass So Bad to Shoot Through?

Rather funny if you knew that only yesterday I mentioned, in another thread , how sometime we use the wrong word but should be able to understand the meanning by the context.

In this case I got your version of appear wrong.

Appear can be used either way. To mean that it is but also (as you used it) that it seems but it isn't , most often, in English,  it is the first as in :

She appears to have left

you appear to be drunk

there appear to be a mistake

it appears I was wrong.....

(apart from the primary meaning of : to come into view)

That is about the use of the word in English. As for the American version I don't know ,however I am familiar with some of your peculiarities like " I could care less " (so, why don't you ?)

BTW , the thicker glass at the bottom thing was debunked many years ago. I used Google to find that drawing.

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