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Re: Ai or ai-s lenses on z

Montanawildlives wrote:

I am looking for suggestions on which Ai or Ai-s Nikon lenses can stand up admirably on the new the full frame bodies, let’s just stick with the 24 megapixel versions.

I know the new Z lenses are in a league of their own but I am wondering if there are some of these Manual focus, cheaper lenses that can at least not embarrass themselves

I guess I would mostly be interested in wide angle but really anything up to maybe 105 mm or 135 mm.


Pretty much every lens is fine. If you have specific lenses you're thinking about, please list them.

Caveats: the lenses won't work in shutter priority mode. But frankly, who cares? Set your own aperture, set your own shutter speed, and use auto-ISO. Problem solved. They also won't record EXIF settings for the aperture, and they'll require you setting the focal length for IBIS to work. It's no big deal at all.

Keep in mind that in general, older lenses were designed to be sharpest when stopped down 2-3 stops (but they still work fine wide open).

Interestingly, they work even better on Z cameras than F cameras due to the focusing aids. Older lenses are prettt finnicky--if focus is even slightly off, they suddenly lose sharpness. But the Z's help them get dead on accuracy, making them good.

So my 2 cents: list some lenses or use cases & budgets you're interested in.

Also, why stop at F lenses? Pretty much any manual lens will work. For wide angles in particular, check out Voigtlanders for Leica.

As for myself, I have a few manual lenses. A few 50's, 105 F/2 DC, Voigtlander 40/2 and 58/1.4. Great lenses, and a pleasure to use on the Z6. And better results on my Z6 than on any other camera I've ever owned.

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