35mm 1.8 @ ISO 1600, one second exposure

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Re: 35mm 1.8 @ ISO 1600, one second exposure

Tmjc wrote:

Any reason why you shot this at f6.3? seems a bit odd, you could have dropped the iso by a few stops.

It was an experiment.  I shot at several apertures, 5.6. 4.0, 7.1, and set the camera to various ISO values.  800, 3200, 6400.  I took a couple at ISO 250.

In manual mode, I had the ISO set and played with apertures and then moved the shutter speed around.  I wanted to see what this would all look like through the EVF, and see what the exposure scale in the viewfinder would look like.  It was jumping around to +1 to -2 most of the time.  Mostly, I relied on the simulated exposure shown in the EVF or LCD.  For this shot, I used the LCD, and used the touch shutter on the LCD to take the shot.  Touch the spot I wanted to be the focus point and the shutter would trigger. It was a lot of fun!  Pushing the camera around is a great way to find out its capabilities and limitations.  Just because the lens can shoot at 1.8, doesn't mean you have to, particularly with Image Stabilization.

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