Getting an Olympus camera , is it worth due to the situation?

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Re: do you own many lenses?

techie takes pics wrote:

Panasonic did not just bring out a brand new $2000 cinematic box M4/3 camera to drop the format tomorrow.

They could have made this box camera in full frame - they have the mount, the sensor and the technology for a year - and they didn't.

Panasonic releasing the BGH1 is not the same as Panasonic continuing to develop bodies and lenses that are relative to stills shooters. Also, it's widely anticipated that Panasonic will release an L-mount cinema camera. There is too at risk by not having a unified mount moving forward.

Edit: By the way, where did I state that Panasonic was dropping m4/3? I simply outlined the questions the original poster needed to ask themselves to determine if m4/3 was worth spending more money on.

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