Green images from SVBONY 305 video cam

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Re: Green images from SVBONY 305 video cam

DavidWright2010 wrote:

Amazon had this item for $120 so I am giving it a try. After fiddling around a bit with it I was able to take videos of both the Moon and Mars last night.

But they are green.

Googling this, I see blogs from Svbony saying, "This is normal, Just adjust your white balance". But in the SharpCap application I don't see any way to do that.

Can anyone provide help with this? The 'manual' ( a one page sheet) is pretty useless.


David, I might be misinterpreting the Sharpcap documentation,but I think the control of color balance in Sharpcap depends on the driver for your particular camera. That is, if the driver for your camera includes color balance adjustment, then controls for that are loaded in addition to the basic gamma, contrast and brightness sliders. So if you can't find a color balance adjustment, it may just mean that your camera's driver doesn't include that function. (See discussion of "Camera Specific Controls" starting about 1/3 of the way down this page.)

If that's the case, you'll probably have to use other processing software to make the adjustment. Here, for example, is a quick adjustment of your image using the "Curves" adjustment function of GIMP. I began by pulling the high end of the Green curve down. This had the effect of giving the image a yellow tint, which I counteracted with an upward pull of the Blue curve. That produced a fairly neutral image on my monitor, but as I now view what's been loaded, it looks like it got a little greener from whatever dpreview does to our uploads.

If you want more definite info about whether or how you can do this in Sharpcap, you might try posting on the forum of the Sharpcap website. Robin, the developer, has seemed quite diligent about monitoring the forum and providing assistance in the past.

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