Needing some advice on a new Nikon body

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Re: Needing some advice on a new Nikon body

tbone1004 wrote:

Quick background. Recent Nikon convert from Pentax. Got a D810 with a 24-70 and new 70-200 for a screaming deal from someone local a year ago. Primary shooting is beach volleyball. Wanting to get higher FPS to increase the keeper rate.

Grip is not quite mandatory, but it's the reason I haven't bought a Z6 yet since all of the volleyball stuff is shot portrait and it would get quite uncomfortable to do that without a grip. The conundrum now is Z 6II, Z 7II, D850, D5 or cut my losses and go to Sony or Canon? I have big hands, and much prefer the feel of the Nikon bodies and as an engineer, I am excited to see what they do with the Z mount which is the real push to not change brands as I have never found Canon or Sony bodies comfortable to hold.

Looking at mirrorless since I am getting asked to do more portrait type work and also for portability as I'll be travelling internationally for extended periods next year and like the concept of being able to charge through USB and also the smaller bodies.

So if you were looking to get to 10ish FPS, do I jump to mirrorless? Do I wait until the next iteration comes out? Do I jump ship and switch brands for a third time? Don't need to make a move any time soon, but would like to do it before the end of the year when I am being sent to the UK for several months *so weather sealed is critical *

In your specific case it actually sounds like a D5 would be your best bet. The autofocus is amazing, the frame rate is high, and you will like the feel of the big body.  Even if you get a D850 or Z6II, you would still get a grip and probably leave it on full time. May as well get the body that's designed for what you're doing with a grip built in. But as you mention that you'd like flexibility and portability, I can see why you're having trouble committing to the body that's best for the sports.

I'm also a Nikon shooter and I don't feel the need to switch systems.  The Z6II is about the only camera that I feel might give you an option in the Mirrorless world. The Z7II is attractive, but it's frame rate is slower, not faster, and the high res gives you great pictures, but is probably more than you actually need.

I still don't feel the need to switch from DSLR, although each new release makes it more tempting.


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