Getting an Olympus camera , is it worth due to the situation?

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Re: do you own many lenses?

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Do you have many lenses?

if you have a lot of money already spent for additional lenses then get a new Oly body.

It will work well for a long time and you have postponed the decision to upgrade or not until some future time when the future of Oly will be clear.

If you dont have much in the way of additional lenses and especially if you're not the sort of person to buy many more then be a nomad. Buy whatever system suits your needs at the moment.

I don't think it's that simple. I think the there are multiple questions that need to be asked when evaluating if one continues to spend money on m4/3:

  1. Do you have additional lenses and do they suit your current and/or future needs at prices you can afford?

Well yes ,I have a pro zoom and 2 primes . It will be great to get a discounted pro prime ,Im sure deals will pop.

  1. Does Olympus or Panasonic offer a body that will address your upgrade needs today?

Yes ,Im using an em10ii , so an upgrade to em5iii or em1ii-iii will bring better sensor and pdaf , also WR which is nice to have.

If the answer to either question is 'no', then you need to ask a third question: are you confident that Olympus under JIP and/or Panasonic will develop the lenses and/or bodies you need in the future?

If the answer to the third question is 'no', then it's time to eat the cost of moving on to a new system. Note, these questions could be used for any system.

Edit: Fixed some grammatical errors.

But I also ask myself ,what if the format will die in the next few years? Maybe it will not be possible to sell the gear and upgrade?

Does it matter if Panasonic and Olympus call it quits on m4/3 in the next few years? Your camera and lenses will not magically stop working. If you are really concerned about the long-term viability of your system, then the safest places to be would be Canon and Sony. Having said that, even Canon isn't a safe bet as they killed the FD mount after a decade with no legacy support and the whole camera industry is imploding.

I suppose Pentax would be the outlier, as they've kept the same mount for nearly 50 years, but they're more or less undead at this point.

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