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Herrbill wrote:

Interested to hear from anybody who has used this lens? I am thinking of using on my em 1 Olympus.

You might find more info by posting in the adapted lens forum.

The Jupiter 8 /8M  had several variants but I guess they are basically close clones of the prewar zeiss 2/50 sonnar.

I have a few of these along with some post war zeiss opton 2/50 sonnars all in the contax rangefinder mount.  Made in other mounts as well of course.

I have used them on contax and kiev rf film cameras and adapted on an a7 and now a z FF.

They are all “ interesting”  - they all tend to be soft wide open and have that sonnar “look”.

If you are interested in old lenses and that vintage b/w or colour look then probably worth a punt.

Can’t remember when I last used them - but there is a lot of info on the in rangefinderforum.com and FredMiranda probably.

If you check flickr with “jupiter 8 olympus”  there are some photos there - the way they render looks very familiar to me - very pleasant and unlike most modern glass.

I could offer to take some shots around the garden on my em5.1 if I still have an m43 adapter but those flickr shots are going to give you a better idea of what the lens can do with interesting subjects.

The earlier ones were the most consistent, I believe - later on QC went a bit to pot.


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