New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

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Re: New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

I installed about 30 minutes ago.

Initially, I couldn't open any images; I was faced with this instead.

Switching off the Graphics Processor has done the trick in that regard and images (so far!) are opening as they should.

Unfortunately however, I also get shown that when I try to close the programme.

It doesn't matter whether I click on the "X" at the top, use the "close" button on the toolbar or the "exit" option under "File."

It just won't go away.

Ending it in Task Manager does the job and it's not hugely inconvenient but I'd rather it worked properly.

Early days perhaps . . . ?

On a much brighter note, the crop overlay, which has been unusable on here for months, is now working correctly.

"It's good to be . . . . . . . . . Me!"

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