"Painting with light" a software program?

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Re: "Painting with light" a software program?

Ernest Rex wrote:

Chris Springer's Painting with Light Action II dates back to 2004, his last update ( the original to about 2001). Still one of my favorite Actions, It is the first Action I load after re doing my machine. I have copies of it in a number of places, should fate decide to blow my system. The action is small and works with all versions of PS. I thought I could mail it to you (it is a free Action). I checked an it is still available for download (See the URL) I brought it down to check it, perfect. Only thing not included in the RAR/Zip file is the text file explaining the use, I will cut and paste it in this message.


Download No 50.

Here follows the text.

Chip's Paint with Light II will bring out details in shadows and highlights. It is similar to his other PWL action, but does not use the burn modes, leaving a more natural, but equally dramatic look—especially effective for black and white. Run the action, pick a soft black or white brush, and start painting. You can also use it as a gray layer for adding filters such as texturizing. Play with different layer modes to alter effects.

Select a soft brush with an opacity 30% for black & 20% for white (always do a duplicate layer before you start).
I find that using an even smaller % works better as each brush stroke builds on the other. So if you have set the opacity to 5% and paint, then lift the brush and paint on the same spot, you add another 5% (now you have 10 %). As I said, this is my favorite action.
Oh. This is not the same as dodging and burning

Yes, that the one! It is a very useful way to subtly increase contrast and "pop" in specific areas. I used to use it a lot, but I gradually move to using curves adjustment layers as I like the ability to customize the effect with more precision.


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