Z6II or D850 to add to my D500

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Re: Z6II or D850 to add to my D500

techguy817 wrote:

Hey everyone!

I've been shooting digital for 20+ years and currently have a D500. Really been enjoying it. Primarily do travel photography, landscapes, and nature. For lenses I have the latest Nikon 70-200 as well as some DX lenses including 12-24 and Tamron 18-400. Going to Bryce and Zion in December and just generally want to get another camera body so I have two again (used to have the D300S and D200 and like having two sets of lenses/cameras readily available).

Current options include.

- Another D500. Good price and I know the camera but still crop sensor and video is poor (I don't do much video but might be nice to have. Last time I left on my D500 for a long video recording it seemed to overheat and shut down).
- D850. Full frame and somewhat similar controls to D500. Could use my 70-200 lens on it but that's about it for now. Video performance still not great.
- Z6II or Z7II with kit lens. Full frame, modern, smaller package, very good video. Controls different than D500 though, not super great battery life.

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

In your shoes, and if you can afford it, I'd go with the Z6II/Z7II. Make sure you get it packaged with the FTZ, and you'll be able to use any of your lenses with those, however if you use any crop lenses I would recommend the Z7II, because the crop mode on that camera will allow you to continue to have a decent number of megapixels. However, the Z6II sensor will likely be a better option for high res video.


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