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shrekman300 wrote:


I need help about two lens choices I need to make.

First : i shoot a Nikon Z7 and do a lot of landscape photography. I noticed recently that my widest prime (20mm 1.8G) (i mainly shoot primes) is both not wide enough for some compositions, and rather unsharp on the corners.

I think your only options at this point include the 12-24mm 2.8 Zoom, or adapting something from the F mount options. Since Nikon doesn't produce a wider Z prime, and since none of the 3rd parties have started producing them for the Z bodies, those are your only options.

The 12-24 2.8 S lens is very, very well regarded so far. The reviews I've seen say it's the best wide angle zoom Nikon has ever done, and it's likely as good or better than the Sony/Canon options. Cost is very high on this one, and I don't know about availability.

The F mount options are coming down in price. The Sigma 14mm is probably a good option for you, unless you use filters. I think there are some Samyang/Rokinon lenses you could try for pretty cheap, but if you struggle with the IQ of the Nikon Z 20mm, those lenses might not be for you. Perhaps the Tamron 15-30mm 2.8 G2?


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