X-trans vs Bayer colors? (X70 vs XF10)

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Re: X-trans vs Bayer colors? (X70 vs XF10)

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

erjennin wrote:

Ok maybe I was being a bit overzealous but I have an X-E2 and X-T3. The colors and IQ that comes out of the X-E2 is something different. It’s unique. Maybe more film like? Less clinical?

Did you post any comparisons in past years?

Are you talking RAW color or jpeg color? The in-camera jpeg processing may very well produce somewhat different results between cameras, but there’s no reason why the RAW color can’t be tweaked to match.

Looking at the DPreview studio scene comparison, X-T2 has slightly redder skin tones. I can't see substantial differences anywhere else. (JPEG)

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