Getting an Olympus camera , is it worth due to the situation?

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Re: Getting an Olympus camera , is it worth due to the situation?

LightCameraAction wrote:

amit190 wrote:

I already own an em10 and looking for an upgrade.
Is it worth getting an em1 ii with the company's sale to JIP ?

That probobly means no camera upgrades in m43 world (Panasonic are not clear about their m43 line).
Maybe it is time to change format?

I have been wondering the same thing. Except in my case, it is between buying a 40-150mm pro or 300mm pro or changing brands. The problem is I like Olympus cameras quite a bit.

I am holding on to my kit and waiting to see how the JIP acquisition turns out. I am sure there will be some kind of roadmap announced after the acquisition is complete to keep consumer confidence.

What roadmap? Olympus cameras are dead. The photographic division fired most of its engineers and JIP is mainly made of accountants which don't have the know how to produce cameras and lenses.

I would expect mostly some cheap chinese compacts rebranded as OM-D, which is the brand JIP bought.

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