Is this Minolta lens fake?

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Re: Is this Minolta lens fake?

Marty4650 wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

If you had read and digested my previous posts, by now you would know that the buyer by "cheap copy" did not mean a fake made to look like.. but a copy in the same way as people say " my copy isn't as sharp as..." ort whatever.

I'm not so sure if I agree with your interpretation. If the buyer was complaining about the quality of the lens, he probably would have called it a "defective copy" and not a "cheap copy/"

The term "cheap copy" is most often used to describe shoddily made counterfeits.

For example...

  • a $20 Rolex is a "cheap copy"
  • a $1,000 Rolex is a "counterfeit, but a good one."
  • a broken watch is a "defective copy"

No offence but when communicating not everyone uses the correct word all of the time. The trick in understanding is to figure out the intended meaning by the context.

In this case, if you look at the photos of that lens it should be pretty obvious that the buyer could not mistake that lens for a "cheap copy" in the sense of cheaply made fake.

I would strongly suggest to people that don't get this not to ever work in a hardware store *.

(home improvement store for those in the US)

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