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José Luís Malaquias wrote:


I have been trying to pick some open source or otherwise free software for three basic operations, on pictures taken on my D780:

1 Panorama stitching

2 HDR combination

Hugin does this. I have used it for panorama stitching the last 12 years. Hugin does panorama stiching the way I think is the right way, based on panorama tools. Hugin has it's own reimplemented, open source, version of panorama tools.
Hugin can do the stiching automaticly, but one can also take full controll over whatever step one wants, for making the perfect results with the projection one wants. I do not know any commersial software that does it better than Hugin, some software does it the same way, but not better. Many of the softwares that people reccomend, are easy to use, because everything are automaticly, but than one has no controll over the result. With Hugin one can take control over everything.

Hugin use enblend/enfuse for blending the seams in the panorama. But it can also make HDR-images, both finished tonemaped images and real HDR-files for tonemapping in other software. And it can do it for panoramas.

Enblend/enfuse can also do focus stacking, but I have no good experience with that. I use Zerene Stacker for focus stacking, but that is not open source.

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