Workspace (workflow/raw converter for Olympus) equivalent for Panasonic??

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Re: Workspace (workflow/raw converter for Olympus) equivalent for Panasonic??

Guy Parsons wrote:

MattieUK wrote:

Hi all

I'm using a very dated version of LR (version 5.something) and it can't treat GH5 raw files.

Is there an equivalent to Olympus' workspace, which would allow me to pre-filter the images and convert the 'good' files (ideally non-destructively) into something I could use in LR5? I've heard a few mixed reviews of Adobe DWG converter, is this something I should consider?

I'm not keen to go down the subscription route, so suggestions for other workflow and basic editing programmes (i.e. Lightroom by any other name) that might be suitable alternatives would also be appreciated. Otherwise, is it possible to get a licence for an older, non-subscription version of LR or has that option passed? I think V6 would be upgradable to be able to process GH5 raw/RW2 files.

All advice appreciated

Olympus has Workspace and Panasonic has Silkypix SE.

Silkypix SE V8 is free from and they often have severe discounts on the full V10 Pro version for Panasonic only

Silkypix is "different" so it frightens some people but it is an extremely capable raw converter with seemingly close contact with the Japanese camera industry.

Maybe if timid then an idea is raw to tiff with Silkypix, then tiff to a more familiar edit program to finish off.

I use Silkypix 9 Studio Pro and find it an excellent raw converter for Panasonic files. Not sure what extra features V10 offers, but might upgrade given the reasonable cost.

Alternatively the OP could buy a secondhand copy of LR 6 and use that, do see them come up for sale every now and then. No doubt Amazon will have a good deal on the subscription version during their Black Friday promotion. Last offer price I saw was £84 for a year, can't really complain for 7 quid a month.

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