Are there any 600mm lenses for the Sony mirrorless cameras on the horizon?

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Re: Are there any 600mm lenses for the Sony mirrorless cameras on the horizon?

zBernie wrote:

Cavig1 wrote:

Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t hold out waiting for an inexpensive 500 or 600mm lens. Even from a third party. For example Sigma’s 500mm f4 costs $6000+ And from my experience, super-tele 3rd party lens don’t work as well on Sony cameras as Sony lens.

Sony may pull a Nikon and release a 500mm f5.6. But that would eat into the 100-400 and 200-600 market share. Not to mention, that the Nikon version costs $3500 (if you can get one).

The 200-600 and 100-400 are both amazingly good for the price. Both also work very well with the 1.4x teleconvertor.

The 200-600 is a bit heavier. Weight-wise, not much different from using a 150-600 Sigma C. But it doesn’t extend and has much better balance (more weight towards the camera). Plus, it gives you 200 more mms than the lighter and closer MFD 100-400. And every millimeter of reach helps.

Again in my opinion, you get a lot for your $2000-$2500 with the Sony zooms. Rent one or both and you’ll be sold 👍

Good light and good shooting 😷


Thanks. The Sony 200-600 seems like a good deal. I already have a Sony 70-300 so I would probably go with that over the 100-400. Although a teleconverter is an option.

I own the G 200..600 and it's probably the best affordable 600 mm lens in the industry - in case you don't need 600 mm there are many options to go to 300..400 mm reach.

In case you have sujets that need the utmost enlargement the G 200..600 is maybe the reason to buy into the Sony eco system.

optical limits review with exceptional results:

The Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS is not a perfect lens but it is no less than a steal for the money and it alone may be a reason for buying into the Sony system - if you are really into such long tele lenses

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