leaked canon road map

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Re: leaked canon road map

diness wrote:

Nikon33 wrote:

jwilliams wrote:

diness wrote:

Nikon33 wrote:

A 14-35mm f/4L lens sounds useless. The 15-35mm f/2.8 lens already exists.

useless?? If it were smaller and lighter than the f2.8 and $800 cheaper with an extra millimeter on the wide end, I'm sure there would be a TON of people that would line up for that lens.

I'd be in that line! Heck I'd prefer even smaller/cheaper and make it f5.6. UWAs are for getting everything in focus anyway (at least for me).

I would be interested at the $999 price point, similar to the Nikon.

If it is $1500, then that is too close to the 15-35 used price.

From what I'm seeing, the used price of the 15-35 is about $2,000. If it were me, I would take that extra $500 in my pocket, gain an extra millimeter and carry around a smaller lens!

I'm pretty sure the TS in front of the lens means "Tilt/Shift".  It's not going to be cheap.  The current wide TS lens in the EF line is 17mm and runs around $2100.00.  This is a specialty lens.  Expect at least $2500

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