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Are these just photo books or photo stories (sorry, I don't know the better word to describe this)? What I'm looking for are the books that tell a specific story, an event, or a situation through photos, unlike, for example, a WWII book that has photos of WWII all over the place. I imagine this as if I took screenshots from a specific scene from a movie, and by looking at them in the right order, you can understand what the story is about, without words.

The photographs I posted of the two books has the information you need to do on-line search, as you did of the books posted by others. Peruse the book to answer your question.
Use your IMAGINATION to weave your own experience and or fiction to suit your objective.

I hear you, but this is not exactly what I was looking for. I have hundreds of photo books in my library, but what I'm looking for is something different. It's hard to describe because it's not common, but the closest simple description I can think of is like a picture book for children, but with serious photography. Of course, it would be more abstract and won't be so obvious as if it's for the children, so we can use our imagination to figure out the story.

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