Dual IS lens compatibility with Panasonic GX9

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OP dkrohn New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Dual IS lens compatibility with Panasonic GX9

Thank you both very much!

I feel like I just doubled my knowledge on: (dual IS, dual IS1 vs 2, stabilization priority dependent on lens type, GX9 limitations with no dual IS2, blah blah blah) lol!

Your response led me to another discussion on dual is 1 vs 2.  I think it is very poor on Panasonics part that they could not keep their own terminology straight and initially marketed the gx 9 as dual IS2.   Oh well.

Appreciate the endorsement of the compact 12-32.  That coupled with my Pany 45-175, and Pany 20mm will hopefully be a good start for the gx9.

Thanks to all that contribute good info on this forum.  I will try to absorb all I can.

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