Why is Window Glass So Bad to Shoot Through?

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Re: Why is Window Glass So Bad to Shoot Through?

Clickalot wrote:

I guess it's a lesson in why optical glass costs buckets of dough, but I've learned that even freshly cleaned, streak-free window glass destroys fine detail and creates haze in pix taken through it no matter how scrupulously one chooses outdoor light conditions that obviate room/clothing reflections.

It's probably got to to with molecules and crystalline structure and stuff, no?

There are two reasons. The first is due to the light passing from air to glass. Part of the light through uncoated glass is reflected, no matter how clean it is, due to the way light waves pass through materials of different refractive indices. Coatings can reduce this reflection. Sort of like the difference between cheap and expensive UV/protective filters (which I never use).

Another cause can be a temperature differential and turbulent air flow due to the heating and cooling of air if your house is a  different temperature from outside.

However, I have some people post some pretty decent through the window shots so it is possible to minimize this effect.

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