Dual IS lens compatibility with Panasonic GX9

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Re: Dual IS lens compatibility with Panasonic GX9

dkrohn wrote:

Newbie question

Looking to upgrade to a gx9 from a gx1. I have 2012 era G X VARIO PZ 14-42mm/F3.5-5.6 and G X VARIO PZ 45-175mm / F4.0-5.6.

By a firmware the 45~175PZ is now DUAL IS (not DUAL IS 2)  compatible.

The update for 14~42 PZ has long been overdue, likely the promised firmware will not roll out. So only an OIS lens, not DUAL IS supported and on GX9, you can only use Lens OIS like on GX1.

I am trying to understand whether dual i.s. will work for these lenses. It seems like I read a few comments on the forum that they do not, however, by looking at the Panasonic website it appears that there are firmware updates for these lenses.

Should I upgrade my lenses along with my camera, or will they work for me? I was considering the compact 12-32 zoom lens as a replacement to the 14-42

12~32 is now DUAL 1S 2 compatible by a recent firmware. On GX9, it is DUAL IS, on G85/95 G9 or GH5 it is DUAL IS 2.

On IQ, both are close but as per my copies:

  • 12~32 is sharper on wide open than 14~42PZ.
  • 12~32 is also on mechanical zoom such that needs less battery power to run.
  • The 70g 12~32 is also smaller and easier to carry.
  • 14~42PZ can be handled with less care because the twist to extend 12~32 can be broken easier by improper force.
  • The power zoom of 14~42PZ is better for video.

12 is important to me so after getting 12~32, 14~42PZ which lost its benefit on portability vs my other lenses, been retired mostly.

but I would be bummed to have to replace my bigger zoom. (maybe I would just jump ship and look at Fujifilm..... (after reading thru the forum a bit I was perturbed to see that shutter shock with my gx1 was involving my other lenses, not just the kit lens. I was in denial about this but looking back, it now explains a few problems I had in the past.)

Likely shutter shock is combo dependent. 14~42PZ, 14~140 f/3.5ish, 45~200 are more prone on SS whereas not others.

After introduction of e-shutter (or EFCS on the Gs), SS could be eliminated completely.

The more soft new m-shutter on GX85 and after could also minimize the SS effect.

Thankyou for your advice. Hoping to make a easy upgrade!

No comment on Fuji, but AFAIK their lenses are relatively larger and cost more. The recent Pannys could keep me happy already, hence it does not worth to me, YMMV.

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