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Re: Suggestions?

I quite like the second Craig.  The subtle monochrome works well with this.  The original is overexposed blowing out the colour somewhat.  Monochrome makes that less noticable.  The EM1x has more dynamic range than the sensor in the 620.  The single bud is easier to make something of because the background can be made to fade away fairly easily and does not compete with the main subject.  In camera focus stacking works well for these types of images.  Tripods work better than hand holding, but that said perhaps the EM1x will handle handheld better than the EM1ii.  When I have used hand held in camera focus stacks there is often some ghosting visible where the camera has obviously moved.  I do get good shot sometimes hand held but usually not.  If you are going to try this I would pick a sweet spot for the aperture setting and set up the stacking profile for best results.  Someone in the m4/3 forum did a bunch of tests of the settings which showed the results of various combinations.  I do not pretend to recall which were generally recommended.  I should see if I can find it again.  Not all lenses will do the in camera focus stacking.

Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you.  I saw it earlier on my phone but that is not the best device for checking out images other than a cursory look.


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