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Re: Suggestions?

Are you making your flower pictures in RAW, Craig? If so, when you render them you can play with the color to give depth and definition to the flower. Orange and yellow can be used to accentuate each other, one down and one up. Magenta and purple can adjust red, sometimes. Blue can adjust magenta and purple, sometimes. After the color I also play with tones. Often there is color in the flowers not appreciated or seen until you've perverted it.

The 50mm macro is one of my favorite lenses, but it does not make a lot of DOF. If you want some use an UWA and shoot close at a tight aperture then crop out your picture. I find that the more beans the camera has the better this works. The E5 is great for this with the 9-18 or 7-14. The M1.1 is good at this, too. I haven't tried with the M1.2 but I'd expect the same. I also haven't tried at 12mm. Now I have a project but few flowers.

I use a spray bottle, when I remember to take one. Spray lightly. Then when the picture is finished, go over the water drops with a lighten / darken brush, a saturation brush and a sharpen brush. The effect is better to my eye if only some of the drops are perverted.

Neighbor's bush, eh? That's pretty low hanging fruit you've dangled. I feel too mature to grab at it...today.

Did you enjoy Fatso's visit to CC ?   Rich

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