Getting an Olympus camera , is it worth due to the situation?

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Re: Getting an Olympus camera , is it worth due to the situation?

I recently bought a 10 year old Oly. Who knows how many owners. Works fine, even has IBIS! I can use a current Oly or Panny lens on it, and have. So yeah, not a bad record for reliability and such.

And that's true for many older cameras.

Point being that an Oly is a fine choice now. At least we know that warranties are covered and there's a  ton of current stuff out there for them in terms of lenses. Indeed, too many. So I don't see a problem buying one.

And besides, every camera manufacturer has issues. They could drop a line without every saying so, or stop making cameras altogether, or worse. We don't know. They probably don't know.

Get what works now. Odds are your situation might change and if so, you'll be selling anyway. And someone will buy it for a decent price. Sheesh, even Samsungs still go for good prices.

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