Iridient X-transform making worms worse? + Noise

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Iridient X-transform making worms worse? + Noise

Hi all!

Am new to the Fuji system (just got an XT-4 with 10-24mm) and am just trying to figure out my workflow. I have been trying Iridient X-Transformer, but to me it seems to make the worm effect even worse?

From what I understand running the Fuji raws through Iridient X-Transformer should decrease the worming effect that is caused by the sharpening in Lightroom. I am yet to figure out the right settings to do that.

Here is a comparison of the same photo:

Fuji RAF sharpened 100% in Lightroom

DNG sharpened 100% in Lightroom

JPG sharpened 100% in Lightroom

Iridient X-Transformer settings

To me, the worming effect is the worst on the DNG after having processed it through Iridient.

I also feel like there is an excessive amount of noise in some photos taken with this camera even at low ISO, you can see it especially in the sky in this photo. Shot on XT-4, 10-24mm on 24mm, ISO 400, f/16 1/200. Is this amount of noise expected? Raw file can be found here:

I've been doing comparison shots with my Sony RX100V using the same exposure settings and similar focal lengths, but it's not a massive difference to be honest. I kind of expected it to knock it out of the park, but maybe my expectations were a bit unrealistic or maybe I'm just not using it right.

Keen to hear your thoughts

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