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I want to do a project with a series of photos, sequenced in a way that creates a continuous story. I'm not sure what's the name for this type of photo story? I thought of essays, but to me, essays are more documentary, and what I intend to create is more abstract and fictional. I want to apply the story that I made up, and that makes sense only when a bunch of photos is sequenced in the right order.

Are there any examples or books about this type of photo stories that you would recommend?

Here are two of my collections:
I have collections of National Geographics Photo Books. You might find similar books in your local libraries.
According to Albert Einstein, Imagination is what sets human from other animals.
Thirty some years ago, my seven year old daughter created a fictional picture book of life in the Colonial years of the USA. With the technology of the time, she inserted pictures of herself taken during our visit to not "third-world" countries. . . . As I vaguely recall, she titled her work: My Time Travel

Are these just photo books or photo stories (sorry, I don't know the better word to describe this)? What I'm looking for are the books that tell a specific story, an event, or a situation through photos, unlike, for example, a WWII book that has photos of WWII all over the place. I imagine this as if I took screenshots from a specific scene from a movie, and by looking at them in the right order, you can understand what the story is about, without words.

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