Workspace (workflow/raw converter for Olympus) equivalent for Panasonic??

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Re: Workspace (workflow/raw converter for Olympus) equivalent for Panasonic??

MattieUK wrote:

IN slight answer to my own question, I've just had a read about adobe DNG converter and it seems like some of the criticisms I've read have been overblown - that colour spaces could get messed up, file details lost. Seems like LR would do this conversion internally for other proprietary Raw formats which it supported anyway?

Is adobe DNG converter my best bet here? another step in the editing workflow, but hopefully quite straightforward.

Funnily enough, I downloaded Adobe DNG converter today because my version of Lightroom (4.4) can't read raws from my recently acquired E-M1.1 or 1.2. Olympus Workspace is not a joy to use, and I'm accustomed to the LR interface, so I was looking for the least fuss additional step to edit my raw images in Lightroom and Adobe DNG converter appears to be the most suitable option.

I did some reading on the compromises from raw to tiff, versus raw to DNG. I'm still uncertain, but I got the impression that raw to tiff (which is what I was doing in Olympus Workspace) will throw out some highlight and shadow information whereas raw to DNG retains that info. I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong and point to some definitive sources on this.

Anyway, yes, the Adobe DNG converter is quite straightforward and fast enough for me. There was a strange glitch on this page for me in Chrome...

...where I needed to right click on the "download now" button and ask Chrome to open in a new tab before the download would commence.

Hope that helps.


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