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Re: Report of flagship delay

Bob Janes wrote:

JL Salvignol wrote:

Everything’s all right:

* Covid-19 second wave

* Double-dip recession

* Supply chains

* Deflation

* Precautionary savings

Ok ok but I need My Newwww Camera 🥵

Yes in the scale of things, no biggie... However -

I am a bit surprised - The way out of recession is to boost spending and a combination of people not being able to spend on travel and holidays combined with low interest rates should offset the problems of trying to sell to those who have been adversely affected economically...

...I would have thought that it was well worth releasing product when you have it and when it is at its most competitive.

Having said that, I'm sure they know what they are doing.

Oh sure they know, I can just hear the conversation:

>>Executive 1:  Everyone is home, no one is using their cameras -- Have to slow down the release

>>Executive 2:  I know, I know, by God I know!  But we have all this stock on hand and the Christmas season is almost upon us.  Soon it will be BLACK FRIDAY!

>>Executive 1:  Don't worry!  Our loyal base will be with us whenever we release the new camera.  We have the cameras and when we release them they will come to us like an animal in the desert to a water hole.

Executive 2:  Ok, Agreed -- we pay no attention to our loyal users, they follow up no matter what.  But in our home market we wait for the virus to cure COVID and then we jump!  That is our only real hope of bringing in new folks, and remember our new camera will be surprise everyone with its great features.  Yes, once folks can go out all will be well.   Thanks, I needed this talk.  Oh yeah, and by the way do you follow comments by our users on the blogs.

Executive 1:  Why bother, we will do what we want,  Hope they are having fun taking to themselves.  Oh by the way, stay save -- don't want anything to happen to you,


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