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Re: Question about an SSD drive and docking station...

Morris0 wrote:

BigBen08 wrote:

I have an older model USB 3.0 docking station. Could be 8 or 10 years old. It works fine when using a WD mechanical HD. But when I insert a Samsung 860 EVO SSD, the drive is not recognized by the pc. Acts as if the docking station is not connected.

I visited the docking station mfg site and downloaded the latest driver. But it didn't help. So, can any docking station work with a SSD? Or am I missing something?

BTW, I bought this SSD to replace a mechanical HD in my laptop. Samsung has Data Migration s.w. that I believe is installed on the new SSD (not really sure about that, the instructions are very vague). That's why I'm using the SSD and dock.

Try a regular USB external case for the SSD. Then use the migration software and follow the onscreen prompts. When the copy is complete, turn off your laptop and replace the HD with SSD. Super simple.


Yes, you are right.

After posting I did more research. What I didn't know is that my HD dock contains an electronic chip, which is not compatible with SSD drives. But I don't need a dock anyway. The instruction sheet included with the Samsung SSD shows a cable between pc and SSD. So I bought this...

Thanks Morris, it should be super simple!

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