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Re: WTB - Olympus AC-3 Power Adapter

Jeff Wahaus wrote:

Sam Bennett wrote:

Anyone have an Olympus AC-3 Power Adapter sitting around that they want to sell me? Looking to power an E-M1 Mark I through the HLD-7 grip.

If you can't find one you should be able to find a generic AC/DC power supply on Ebay If you know the proper voltage and amperage rating you need.

That won't work. The AC-1 and AC-3 use a unique plug that is not found anywhere else (and I have searched).

I have an AC-5 and it's 9V @ 5A. I was a little too paranoid to attach an unknown power supply to my new camera so I paid 5x the price of the generic and got the Olympus brand.

I'm sure most generics will work fine though.

The AC-5 now uses a standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm power plug, so you can use a generic power supply instead. Obviously, you don't feel comfortable using generic supplies, and that is fine. I felt the AC-1/3/5 were over-priced, even worse than most Olympus accessories. Different strokes for different folks.

I have attached various power supplies to my E-m5 mark III, E-m1 mark I, E-m5 mark 1, Stylus-1, and Panasonic G85, making sure it specifies 7.2-9 volts and at least 1 amp (at 9 volts), but preferably more than 1 amp. I do measure the voltage when attaching it to make sure it is 9 volts, and often times I have the meter on continuously.

Now, in theory, the E-m1x might use a little more power (since it has multiple CPUs to do the image processing), but in general most cameras I've looked at use 9 watts or less (i.e. 1 amp or less at 9 volts of power). In general, re-charging the clip-on flash and shooting 4K video at a high frame rate tends to be the places that use the most power.

And note, due to being run normally on batteries, the camera has to have protection against too little power.

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