X-trans vs Bayer colors? (X70 vs XF10)

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ritterbutzke wrote:

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

I think comparing SOOC jpegs is valid, but if one camera is determined to produce better images, is any effort made to produce the same “quality” from the other camera? There are many jpeg setting parameters that can be tweaked to produce a different result and that operate somewhat differently between models - for example, the sharpening is much stronger by default in the cheaper cameras.

I mean do you think Fujis use of X-trans in their premium model is purely marketing and adds no value?

At 16MP vs. a Bayer sensor with an antialiasing filter, yeah, there maybe was some benefit (but not in color). At 24/26MP vs. a Bayer sensor with no antialiasing filter there is really not much to distinguish one over the other in image quality, X-Trans requires more complicated post processing for best results when shooting RAW and the cost to produce the specialized X-Trans CFA has got to be more expensive than Bayer too. I really hope they switch to Bayer with the new 30+ MP sensor, as that would really just be marketing IMO. I personally don’t have any major issues with X-Trans, I’m used to it and know how to get the most out of it, but I think it’s time to move on. I really doubt that “X-Trans” offers much of a marketing advantage these days anyway, a premium Bayer model would attract those who perceive X-Trans as a potential hassle.

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