X-trans vs Bayer colors? (X70 vs XF10)

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Re: It was again an other fruitless Youtube test ...

KariP wrote:

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

IWBF wrote:

There is a good comment by Erik Baumgartner in the thread you refered to in your original post: He states that the settings for color, highlights, shadows etc. have an impact on the colors. They cannot be used 1:1 from one sensor to the other and have to be tweaked for comparable results.

I think it's clear that both cameras have different color output and I believe it is possible to use different settings to get them close. It is unknown what settings were used by the youtube guy but I wouldn't be surprised if he used the same for all 4 cameras.

If you don’t like the RAW color, you can tweak it to suit your preference. There is much you can do to tweak the jpeg color in-camera too, but that may genuinely vary a bit from model to model. One camera may produce nicer looking images, but the fact that one is X-Trans and the other is Bayer won’t be the determining factor for which has “better” color.

Very true

Comparing sensors in the way it was done in this Youtube video is quite fruitless and i do not know if the guy had just fun or was he seriously believing in his own test. Anyway, it really was not very scientific . Perhaps it could work as a psychological test - do people really believe in this test and in what they believe they see - and why.

Nowadays i shoot only RAW with my Fujifilm cameras. I process my RAW files in Capture One and i use quite often some of the film simulations. RAW file is just a file - the software and settings in camera (if shooting JPEG) or in my iMac when i process RW files create the colors i see. I make the adjustments - not the Xtrans or Bayer

Choosing a "better" camera (or sensor) based on this Youtube Video is almost stupid. Fujifilm cameras ARE different in many ways ... just reading decent tests helps

Why is comparing the straight out of camera Provia Jpegs non-scientific?
Most people shoot Jpeg and dont tweak color settings.

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