X-trans vs Bayer colors? (X70 vs XF10)

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Re: X-trans vs Bayer colors? (X70 vs XF10)

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There is a good comment by Erik Baumgartner in the thread you refered to in your original post: He states that the settings for color, highlights, shadows etc. have an impact on the colors. They cannot be used 1:1 from one sensor to the other and have to be tweaked for comparable results.

Almost all Fujifilm models have slightly different color balances in the various film emulations. It's as if the R&D teams never talk to each other.

I think it's clear that both cameras have different color output and I believe it is possible to use different settings to get them close. It is unknown what settings were used by the youtube guy but I wouldn't be surprised if he used the same for all 4 cameras.

While true, in the youtube comparison bayer is compared to both xtrans III and xtrans IV sensors, which end up looking way more alike than the bayer sensor.

As I recall, the X-T3 (IV) has greener skin tones in standard Provia than the X-T2 (III), as you can see in the DPreview scene comparison tool. I might have mixed up the models, but it is pretty obvious when you compare.

The X-T100 has redder color balance than the X-T20. This might be explained by more red versus green pixels in the Bayer array.

Well, if you like it better then go for X70. In the end it's all highly subjective.

I was never interested in either camera, so no comment.

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