DAM : Read/make use of old Picasa face tags

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Sean Nelson
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Re: DAM : Read/make use of old Picasa face tags

Sebastian Cohen wrote:

I spent AGES helping Picasa fine tune my face's library back in the day.

I did save face tags to the images and I would like to take advantage of these again, but am unsure which library/DAM software take advantage of these?

If by "save face tags to the images" you mean that tags were written to the JPG files, then any software should be able to reference them.   You can even search tags in Windows File Explorer by typing "tag:tagname" into the search box in the upper right corner.

To see if the JPG files have these tags, find one in Windows File Explorer, right-click it, select "Properties", then select the "Details" tab in the properties dialogue box.  If the file has tags they should be listed in the top "Description" section under "Tags".

Whichever software you end up choosing, make sure that it stores this kind of information in the image files themselves and not just in a proprietary data store.   It's this exact type of situation where you want to be able to choose different software where you discover just how bad proprietary storage can be.

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