X-trans vs Bayer colors? (X70 vs XF10)

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Re: X-trans vs Bayer colors? (X70 vs XF10)

GabrielFFontes wrote:

ritterbutzke wrote:

Hey everybody,
Currently trying to decide between the X70 and XF10, both have their advantages, but the main deciding factor for me would be whether they have that Fuji "magic" with SOOC Jpegs (mostly classic chrome).
I saw this thread: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63146350?image=0 which compared XF10 to X100T Jpgs and Classic Chrome looked quite different between the two.
Anybody have both bodies and could compare the Colors between the two for Jpeg?

Images are exposed very differently, they make for a bad color comparison

X-Trans shouldn't make a difference in color rendering unless Fuji specifically wants it to, for marketing purposes

Colors are definitely different. See here:

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