16/2.8 and 16/1.4 - Comparison image pair - Thoughts?

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Re: 16/2.8 and 16/1.4 - Comparison image pair - Thoughts?

I own both. 
I rarely shoot f/1,4 with the f/1,4 thought the effect can be nice.

The f/2,8 version is amazingly small and it's a very nice lens. Hovewer when post processing, I see the f/1,4 version is a bit sharper in the borders and corners even stopped down, especially on 24mpix.

Both are good lenses and I couldn't tell the difference in real use but when pixel peeping, the f/2,8 is very good whereas the f/1,4 is outstanding. Same with 23mm f/2 vs f/1,4.

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