Has anyone moved from Fuji XT3 to a Z6?

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Has anyone moved from Fuji XT3 to a Z6?

Hi all

I’m currently shooting with a Fuji XT3, 23mm, 56mm, and a 10-24mm. I don’t shoot professionally but Im passionate about photography.

I shoot mainly people ( family, portraits etc), landscapes, and derelict and abandoned buildings. 
I love the Fuji system, but being APSC, even with a 1.4 lens, low light images do suffer. Many of the abandoned places I shoot are dimly lit and often a tripod is not suitable. FF and IBIS would be something extremely useful in these situations.

The other aspect, and this is to a degree governed by the lenses I choose to use, is that the AF while mostly reliable, still struggles with faster moving subjects (my kids!).

Ive shot FF before and I know the relative advantages it can give, but I also know there are trade offs. So I’ve a couple of questions for anyone who has made a similar switch.

*This is not meant to open a can of worms!*

Colours- .

I know it’s been done to death and that all cameras can give good images, but anyone who’s shot Fuji knows that the files have great tone and colour.

How does the rendering from the Z6 in terms of colour compare? I shoot in RAW and I’m happy to tweak as needed but even in that sense Fuji needs very little work which is something I’ve got very used to.


As mentioned I know that I use older slower 1.4/1.2 lenses on the Fuji. If I switch to Nikon it would be with the Nikon 35/85 1.8 mounted on the FTZ adapter.

How does the AF (in particular eye AF) work?   Fuji is ok, but it’s certainly not at a level where I’d rely on it all the time. Is Nikon better in this regard?


Fuji being APSC is a small system. The Z6 body isn’t that much bigger but I would be using adapted glass (35/85/18-35) and I appreciate with the adapter there is a trade off. Does it feel cumbersome?  
I’m honestly in two minds. As I said I do love my Fuji ( and if I could keep 2 systems I would), but I also know that a move to the Z6 would ( hopefully) be beneficial to certain aspects of my photography. I can do the switch with little financial impact by selling my existing kit.

Id really appreciate any input from anyone who’s been in the same boat!

Fujifilm X-T3 Nikon Z6 Pentax X-5
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