Nikon 300 PF + TC1,4E

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Re: Nikon 300 PF + TC1,4E


First to answer your question, in general it may be a close thing between cropping and using a TC, but it depends on the lens and TC. The 300mm pf and latest 1.4x TC are a good combo and yield a little bit better results vs cropping. This has also been demonstrated by wildlife photographer Steve Perry

I have and use this combo on a Z50 via the FTZ adapter. The bare lens is excellent and give really crisp images. But I can perceive some loss of detail when used together with the TC. But it is still a great combo unmatched in size and weight.

Finally, since you also have the z6, I want to ask if you plan on moving to mirrorless completely at some point? If yes, i would recommend a less expensive option like the sigma 100-400mm for the time being, save up and to decide later when more z mount options become available. The Sigma will work well on your D7500 and is light and has good IQ. I have both the Sigma 100-400mm and the 300mm pf, while the 300mm pf is excellent on its own, once you add the TC, the sigma’s results get close in my opinion (based on my experience with the copies I have). I am currently in the process of deciding which to keep. Just wanted to throw that out as a consideration.

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