Trouble with my DP2Q

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Hi All.

Have had trouble with the 5 year old DP2Q. The wheels on the top go around and the fStop and shutter speed go berserk. Sent the camera to 'Japan Camera Repair' in Atlanta Ga. for repair. Got the camera back, took a dozen pictures and it worked fine. Put it away for 3 months and just tried it again (and again) and it has the same malfunctions.

I've seen some previous posts about this problem. Am wondering if anyone had their camera repaired and what the results were. I did try cleaning it as someone suggested, but it was only a temporary fix.

Any suggestions or comments most welcome.



Spin the dials regularly with the power off to keep the contacts clean. Lack of use is the main cause of the problem.


not so if my problem is anything to go by. i use the camera every day pretty much. and in manual so im always moving the dials.


In that case maybe wear is the problem. Why not send it to Sigma Repair Ctr. They will have the parts , hopefully.


ive sent the same camera to them in the past for a lens problem. sigma uk told me they didnt have the parts to open the camera so it went to japan. was expensive and took time.

id rather just persist with the contact cleaner solution as it i works for a few weeks sometimes.

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