An MFT newcomer's rainy Sunday's musings

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An MFT newcomer's rainy Sunday's musings

This is a little update on my adventures as a new MFT user. I am coming from a Samsung NX system (NX500, NX300, NX3300 and the NX Mini and a variety of lenses. Sold everything but the Mini). I felt it was time to move to a new system mostly because the Samsung lens choices were limited for my intended use. It is also an aging system without support or updates.

Purchased the GX85 with the 12-32 and found an excellent condition copy of the Oly 14-42 EZ at my local thrift store for $1.99. Actually that unbelievable find prompted me to look into a used cheap MFT body to go with that lens just for fun. While researching what's out there I was surprised about the specs I found on Lumix bodies and jumped on an amazing deal for an open box GX85. I also couldn't resist an excellent condition GM-1 for a lightweight backup to replace the NX3300 I sold.

I have been using the GX85 for a couple of months now and finally bought a used 12-60 kit lens. While I think it is an awesome lens there just wasn't enough Tele reach for me to make it an all-round travel lens for my needs. I'm slowly getting my MFT system set up as I'll be traveling back to Europe in December (hopefully) and want to have an all-round combo that does great stills and film.

Just jumped on a very good 14-140 II deal and I have to say I'm in love with that lens. For me it's always about the feel of a lens or camera. Some of the technically best lenses have left me cold. For example the Samsung NX 30mm, considered one of the best pancake lenses out there for optical quality, did not equal the 20mm version for me, even though the 20 received much lower grades in various tests. The 20, while maybe not as sharp as the 30, had a magic for me.

It's the same for me with the Oly 14-42 EZ. I prefer the tonality and feel over the 12-32. The latter is sharper but (to me) does not have the character of the Oly counterpart. I also love the automatic extension of the Oly.

From my initial tests, that are only based on what pictures look like on my computer screen, with no pixel peeping (except for looking at corner sharpness) I do prefer the output of the 14-140 II. Not sure what it is, I cannot see a difference in sharpness, but to me the 14-140 II has clarity to it that somehow looks more 'real' to me. Totally unscientific. I also did not do side by side comparisons but I used both lenses in the same lighting conditions. It's cloudy and overcast here in Seattle and maybe my findings will change when I see pictures from either lens in brighter lighting conditions.

In any case the 14-140 II is surprisingly compact and I can see myself bringing it along with the 12-32 in my pocket just in case I need that extra wide angle. The 140-140 II is small enough to fit into a cargo pant pocket while the smaller lens is in the camera. To me it's the perfect carry along setup.

The GM-1 with the 14-140 ii is also a beautiful combo even if the lens is a little big for the small body. Image Stabilization on the lens alone is outstanding in my experience.

I already sold the GX85 to a friend but he let me use it with the new 14-140 II for testing.

I decided to buy a G9 body instead for various reasons but mainly for improved stabilization and the 80MP picture Mode for landscapes. I feel the G9 will serve me well for several years to come without feeling the need to have to upgrade.

Waiting for a possible upcoming Cyber Monday deal on the G9, if there is no deal I'll buy it at the current B&H price.

In the meantime it will be the GM-1 with the 14-140 II for me. I may sell the GM-1 once I get the G9. For a small easy to carry camera I have the Samsung NX Mini which is a superb little tool with the elusive 17mm attached to it.

Just some rainy Sunday's musings, have a great day everyone.

Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 Samsung NX mini Samsung NX300M
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