R6 or 1DX Mark II for sports?

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Bernie_King Senior Member • Posts: 2,114
Re: R6 or 1DX Mark II for sports?

I recently started moving from 1 Series bodies to mirrorless.  I sold my 1DX Mark II and 1DX to buy an R5 and R6.  The intention was to replace my 1DX II with the R5, but I'm still waiting for one to arrive...  but I have the R6.  For a while I had the 1DX II and R6 at the same time and found I was typically grabbing the R6 instead.  At this point, I don't miss my 1DX II at all.  I find my hit rate on the R6 to be higher.  The AF is just better.  High ISO is better.  I also enjoy seeing the photo I'm going to take in the viewfinder and knowing the exposure is going to be correct.  Remember, the R6 uses the same processor, sensor, and live view AF as the 1DX Mark III.

Now, I don't shoot sports.  I shoot wildlife.  I also have faster and newer glass and you should check the max frame rates with the lenses you own.

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