Alternatives to Panasonic Image App (geotagging issue)?

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Alternatives to Panasonic Image App (geotagging issue)?

hello, I've been using for quite some time Panasonic's Image App to send the gps data in the images exif data.

First to a Panasonic TZ 90 and then to a FZ 300. On Android, first with a cheap Moto C and now with a more mid range Samsung A41.

With the Moto C most of the time it worked, sometimes coordinates seemed to be "stuck" and it kept sending the same to photos I knew had been taken in a different place, sometimes I could just find an odd photo with very wrong coordinates (also many km off!) then the following one was ok.

It was maybe 97% right, 2% stuck or slightly wrong and 1% or less very wrong.

Since I moved to a better phone things have become much worse.

Now it's maybe 1/3 (or less...) right, 1/3 wrong and 1/3 very wrong (sometimes spectacularly: in a few cases over 150 km!).

Image App has clearly become useless for me.

First question: any suggestion for a 3rd party App I could use?


Second question: any idea there's something I could do to set my Samsung A41 to get more reliable gps data?

(at the same time OpenStreetMap, Waze etc. work perfectly, they always show me exactly where I am...).

Many thanks!

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