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jpegman wrote:

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Hey yall,

I posted this in another area but realized that it may have been the wrong area. Please forgive me.

Here is my post. Any help is appreciated,

I recently picked up a Canon 5DS Dslr. Its supposed to be weather sealed. I have a 17-40mm Canon L lens that will be ordered. If this is my only lens and it stays on all the time, will I ever need to worry about dust in the OVF or on the sensor?

I ask because I have heard of expensive repairs to remove dust from the ovf.

Being OCD I sold my Canon 5D classic. I could not get rid of constant dust accumulation in OVF and in other places that impacted my end image as well. These other places were not the sensor or mirror. It drove me crazy.

Any experience or should I return this beast and just go mirrorless and not worry about the OVF issue?


I don't understand the question! The OVF is sealed at the factory, and if it has dust it's always the same - i.e. it can't accumulate.

Also, the OVF is not in the picture taking path of the image, so whatever dust is in there can be annoying but has zero effect on will impact your end image,

A mirrorless camera will have the same sources if dust as an DSLR except for the factory sealed OVF!

Thanks for responding.  Allow me to try and clarify.  There was little pieces of debri inside where I place my eye to see through the camera on my older 5D classis.  It looked like it was on the outside of the camera's OVF but cleaning the outside did nothing.

I removed the piece of glass where the grid can go and blew it out really good.  It cleared up slightly but next day I was outdoors taking photos and not only did each photo show more dust as the day went on but the OVF was dirty again.  I cleaned the mirror and the sensor that night and the dirt was still there when I looked through the ovf.  To basically, clean sensor, clean lenses and I can constantly see the debri as I look through the OVF when I am not taking a picture.

At this point, what I am asking is this...

1.  Will I have to worry about the 5DS having dust issues in the OVF if I just use one lens that is also weather sealed?

2.  Does anyone have any experience with a 5DS and its weathersealing?

**I know dust gets on sensors when you remove a lens.


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