Gripe with astrophotographers and creative license of Star shots.

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Gripe with astrophotographers and creative license of Star shots.

There are a million how to videos now on the internet of a jillion ways to shoot astrophotography with phones, dslr's, mirrorless, telescopes, binocs, trackers, wood implements ... balloons whatever. Just as many editing vids as well. And I for one am thankful for all of them.

But ... Almost no one who does editing howto's ever explains that when they combine landscapes with star shots, almost never is the final result reality as far as what one sees in person.

I get that the camera picks up more detail than the human eye can perceive, but I'm writing about putting a constellation over some landscape scene from a different part of the world and such. And NEVER explaining this fact. I seen untold works where they enlarged the view of the milky way and re-positioned it.

Why does it bug me? Because every one that has looked at these images that I've shown them from time to time believes that if they are standing there that's what they see.

Someone not familiar with the night sky, even people I know who ARE familiar with astronomy but not astrophotography sometimes and  is completely 'fooled' because of the creative license. So many that I've started to make comments with any howto's I run across that allows comments. My comments are not nasty, but ask questions at what am I seeing and can I see that if I go there with my eyes. These kind of naive sounding questions put these people on the spot and many come back with comments like "I assumed everyone knows what I did".

Well, almost no one knows what they did EXCEPT other astrophotog's and these people saturating the internet should keep it in mind that regular people of all kinds of backgrounds check these beautiful images out every day and are their bread and butter, because after all, you don't start a howto yuboob channel to really teach utter strangers, but to make themself some money and ego boost.

There's images on this website of combined works and people don't even mention this.

These images are amazing and wonderful, but don't assume people know the images are fantasy. 75% of viewers think that's what's out there. This also creates disappointed people when they go look at a night sky and it doesn't look like the pictures. No, these people aren't stupid, they're just not taking the time to think about it and walk away uninterested. Some of the problems with the internet is peoples short interest spans.

But that doesn't mean creators of astro images can't put down basic facts about the final image. You know, like things are closer than they appear in your side view mirror.

I don't trust a single shot anymore on the internet, unless I shot it. And then no one else will trust my shot equally. And why should they?

"Andromena is closer than it appears in this mountain shot".

That's all I ask.

Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone.

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