16/2.8 and 16/1.4 - Comparison image pair - Thoughts?

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Re: 16/2.8 and 16/1.4 - Comparison image pair - Thoughts?

Hi Eric.

Thanks.  I took them as  jpegs  and posted them SOOC to eliminate any manipulation by me.  And yes, a 24mpx camera might show up more differences, but I can't afford to upgrade to an XT4 right now - covid has thrown my work into uncertainty.  If only......

As I said in my response to Morris, I think these two lenses are more alike at middle apertures than different.  I'm happy with the sharpness and would print an image to moderate size happily from either.  I have taken a few other comparisons and find that sometimes one seems to have an edge and sometimes the other.

I was interested to read that you'd tried one and had disappointing outcomes.  I have found that both 16mm lenses can generate some PF and CAs in the wrong circumstances (eg in landscape applications - harsh backlight behind trees.)  On the plus side both are very resistant to flare.

I haven't tried using the 16/2.8 wide open for interiors.  I suspect the f1.4 model would be better if I needed f2.8, but that's speculation.   Lenses don't generally perform at their best wide open and the 16/1.4 is already two stops down at f2.8 so it should have an advantage at the same aperture.   If was deliberately setting out to shoot interiors I would take the faster lens.

Cheers, Rod

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