100-400mm, on Nikon. Tamron or Sigma ?

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Re: 100-400mm, on Nikon. Tamron or Sigma ?

rich_cx139 wrote:

as @beavertown has just posted

the sigma does not have a tripod collar and does not sell one for the 100-400

there are two aftermarket sokutions

- chinese ones that for not allow you to rotate the lens from portrait to landscape

- a 3D printed one from a guy in germany that does allow rotation: ( canon and nikon versions available )


it is also available from ebay


I don’t use tripods with this lens

I have a short monopod attached, non-rotatable mount that I have described a lot of times, consisting of an ARCA-Swiss-style rail, bolted in the camera (the normal way), and some Velcro-like tape (single-sex, so no male and female parts, it simply attaches to itself), on the lens barrel, and on the extreme end of the rail.

I usually carry my lens inverted and carry it by the monopod, but that stresses the bolt. and the bolt mount, so I added a minimum stretch string around the barrel, and through the monopod head. That makes a great offloading for the bolt and acts as a safety-line, should the bolt fracture. There is a slight give in this setup so it is possible to change the camera or add a TC, if need be, without untying the thread.

The 'velcro' also works as a distance, so that the manual focusing ring doesn't come in contact with the rail, should I want to use it.

The reason I use the monopod is that I rest the bottom of it in my lap when sitting waiting for birds. It improves the chances to get a shot a lot, as I need not move as much as otherwise, and I have problems turning my left hand (probably a childhood trauma, and my parents didn't send me to a doctor), thus cradling a lens in my left hand is almost impossible.

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