Trouble with my DP2Q

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cliffordjnr Regular Member • Posts: 253
Re: Trouble with my DP2Q

Tom Schum wrote:

cliffordjnr wrote:

i have the same problem with my dp1q

usually i spray in wd40 contact cleaner and it works for about a week or so but always reverts back.

it drives me mad tho because i miss various shots while trying to change my shutter speed and it goes the opposite way.

As for spraying anything into the camera, I'd be worried about some of that spray making its way to the lens or sensor. So, I've never sprayed stuff on or into my dp0q.

its contact cleaner that evaporates with no residue according to the can.

im not sure what else you suggest i do? if i dont clean the dials the camera would be unusable due to the severity of the problem when it occurs.

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